Brainworks builds trustworthy intelligent machines, and applies them to solve complex global challenges. The company leverages the latest pioneering discoveries in neuroscience to build more complete, whole-brain AI systems that society can trust with life-or-death decisions.


Brainworks machine learning technologies transcend today’s Deep Learning and Convolutional Network trends.  New biologically-motivated whole-brain architectures enable real-time synthesis of sensory data in text, audio, image, and video formats with complex knowledge stores.


The Brainworks founding team has over 60 collective years of experience in starting and scaling global technology companies.


Phillip Alvelda


Zvi Huber


Markus Krause

VP, Engineering
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Desiree Rodriguez

VP Sales & BD


The first Brainworks global challenge is to reinvent an industry in crisis:  healthcare delivery for rapidly aging populations.  In Japan, Korea, Spain, and Italy there aren’t enough young caregivers to treat the increasing needs of the growing elderly community.  Brainworks is enhancing and automating healthcare delivery  from in-home tele-medicine to hospital, clinic, and nursing home care.

About Brainworks

Dr. Alvelda’s 5 minute introduction to Brainworks at the VentureBeat Transform Conference in July, 2019.

Dr. Alvelda’s TED style keynote presentation on the technical origin of Brainworks (formerly named  at the Hybrid World Adelaide Technology Conference in April of 2018.

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Brainworks is looking for passionate scientists, engineers, and executives who dream of transforming science fiction into real technology for the betterment of humanity.  Physicists, mathematicians, neuroscientists, and engineers of almost any focus or related discipline are invited to apply.

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ML/AI Scientists & Engineers
if you can imagine the difference between Machine Learning & AI, have applied RNNs, LSTMs or Knowledge Graphs to a real problem, and want to make genuinely trustworthy machines…

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