Treating a Healthcare
Industry in Crisis

Since the 1950s, patients have visited doctors’ offices to have their vitals taken and assessed every year or two.  On top of being labor intensive, manual, and slow, such a sparse sample has almost no chance of predicting future health challenges.  So the industry remains trapped, reacting to expensive healthcare crises instead of anticipating and preventing them.

As a result, today’s healthcare system is reactive, expensive and often late. The industry faces large, complex & interwoven problems in supporting rapidly aging populations. There are no longer enough working age humans to offer direct healthcare to all the rest, and current AI technologies are too narrow to address these complex interdependent problems at scale. Brainworks is taking its first step to tackle this global challenge by applying its latest neuroscience-inspired AI technologies to enhancing and automating one of the most burdensome aspects of medical care.

The aging population pyramid.

Rising cost vs. Declining Life expectancy.

Ambient Biometrics

A Revolution in Patient Monitoring

The company’s first service enhances and automates the single most burdensome aspects of healthcare operations: the measurement and logging of patient vital signs.  Brainworks Ambient Biometrics technology replaces traditional wired vital sign measurement with the very latest neuro-science inspired non-contact computer vision and AI technologies.

This new category of Ambient Biometric Sensors promises to transform both the patient and the physician experience. Instead of leads or cuffs that are challenging to sterilize,  Brainworks Ambient Biometrics is a completely non-contact system that uses any web-connected video camera (including smartphones, computers, tablets, wall-mounted web-cams and even smart TVs) to lock-on to a patient’s face, recognize who they are, measure their vital signs, and automatically record the data to that patient’s health record.

All of this happens in about eight seconds, without requiring any attention at all from either the patient or the doctor. All a patient has to do is simply wander through the camera’s field of view for a few moments.  Ambient sensors just work as if they are a normal part of the environment, watching over patients automatically without even being noticed. And since the Ambient Sensors are automatically watching all the time, they collect thousands of times more data to enable a future when health care challenges are anticipated from ongoing data trends instead of treated after a crisis.

How It Works

A. Automatic Patient Recognition
Consenting patients who have added their images to the platform are automatically recognized within seconds by their facial features.

B. Computer Vision Based Biometrics
New AI-enhanced algorithms analyze standard video feeds in real-time to detect previously undetectable changes in skin color and motion. 

C. Real-time Pulse Rate & Variability
Pulse rate and variability data are automatically extracted in real-time from noisy video despite changes in patient illumination and motion.

D. Automated Health Record Logging
Once a patient is identified, their biometric health records are retrieved and displayed, and any new readings that meet a stringent measurement quality standard are automatically added to the patient’s biometric health record, while noisy signals corrupted by patient motion, illumination or other noise artifacts are rejected and discarded.

Custom Cloud Access &  Analytics

Flexible Local + Cloud System Architecture
Brainworks systems can accommodate a range of local, and remote Cloud operations architectures to meet the need of any healthcare provider, while maintaining and managing real-time updates from all remote sensor platforms.

Easy Local and Remote Access
Advanced web interfaces allow patients, physicians and administrators to access, configure, and explore customizable views of health data from any device with a modern camera and browser (from smartphones, to tablets and computers) anywhere, anytime.

Seamless Integration
Open API’s allow simple and direct integration within partnered online health services and apps.

Applications & Use Cases

The national-scale push to extend the walls of  healthcare clinics using smartphone and computer apps is already a $2B industry in the U.S.  Mobile and web-based video teleconferencing capabilities are increasingly used to assist and diagnose patients without requiring them to travel to the clinic or emergency room.  But to-date, the diagnostic capabilities of and through these apps were either limited to a few simple questions, or too complicated for most patients to manage, with medical equipment phone attachments and uploads.  With Brainworks Ambient Biometrics services, doctors can see their patient vitals updated live, in real-time, any time they turn on their mobile phone app to speak with their physicians.

In-Home and Elder Care
As clinical treatment and hospitalization becomes increasingly expensive, more and more people are looking for in-home care solution alternatives.  But to-date, leaving the clinic meant sacrificing professional care oversight.  But now, Brainworks solutions can offer hospital-grade health supervision solutions for 24×7 vital sign monitoring and logging, all updated in-real time, any time the patient wanders into the view of a living room mounted web-cam.

Specialty Clinics & Hospital Wards
Neo-natal Intensive Care Units, Maternity wards, Sleep Therapy clinics, and Gerontology Clinics all struggle with patients who’s vital signs are difficult to measure without either unduly wounding them, or unreasonably restricting their movement or comfort.  Ambient Biometrics promises the industry’s  first clinical-grade vital sign measurement system that operates completely free of physical contact, allowing unprecedented patient mobility and comfort.

General Practice Operations
The FDA requires that physicians measure a patient’s vitals for each and every clinical visit.  The old-fashioned way, with a nurse, and a small room and a $5,000 machine is now completely out of date compared to the new automated computer vision system that can perform the same task automatically as patients enter the practice waiting room.

Emergency Rooms, Trauma Bays
With the rapidly escalating prevalence of drug-resistant bacterial infections such as MRSA, Brainworks non-contact Ambient Biometrics based vital sign sensors could play a critical role in limiting contagion and infection risk through blood pressure cuffs and ECG leads that are increasingly difficult to sterilize.

Professional Services

Brainworks engineers, medical professionals, and scientists are ready to work with your organization from start-to-finish to deploy these new revolutionary services efficiently, and cost-effectively.  From initial service concept ideation and definition,  to deployment, and all the way through ongoing service operations, Brainworks professionals are available to support your next generation healthcare service.

Service Ideation & Definition
The Brainworks team will help your staff brainstorm and design next-generation medical services that leverage all the latest capabilities of the new Ambient Biometrics platform.

Service Deployment
Brainworks staff, experienced in deploying advanced services across the globe, will deploy the service architecture that best matches your organizations operational requirements, whether easy API integration (for digital tele-medicine) , or remote Cloud-based web services or local on-premises installations or some hybrid combination of the above.

Training & Ongoing Service Support
Brainworks services are designed to “just work” without much support.  Regardless, Brainworks can train your staff in how to best leverage the new technologies, and offers ongoing service support contracts to ensure maximum impact for your organization, patients, and physicians.

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